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PHOTOS: Heikki Jokinen

Messutunnelmaa Atmosphere of Energy Fair 2016.

Startup-kilpailun palkitutThe competition for startups in the energy industry arranged by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Expomark Oy won Joukon Voima. The first prize was 5000€, funded by the Finnish Fair Foundation. The winner was selected by public. General Electric also rewarded Altum Technologies and Optiwise.

Energiapäivä MoxhamOne of the Energyday`s speaker Ben Moxham (Enviva Biomass, US).

Fennovoiman osastoFennovoima`s stand and its scale model of nuclear power plant Hanhikivi 1.

Energiakongressi LiukkoAnja Liukko from Ministry of Employment and the Economy was one of the spekers of Energy Congress.

Bloggarit "Future of Energy" -paneldiscussion on Fair Stage was one of the many interesting presentation topics. Chairman Energy Specialist Riku Merikoski and conversationalists Non-fiction Writer-Blogger Rauli Partanen, CEO of Finnish Energy Industries Jukka Leskelä, Founder of Exergia-wiki  Maaria Laukkanen, Energy Blogger Tuomas Vanhanen, Executive Director of WEC Finland Lauri Muranen and Professor of Lappeenranta University of Technology Jero Ahola. Kuva: Eevariikka Ruopas.